KERN CO. Development Services Agencies

Engineering, Surveying and Permit Services

ESPS Website ScreenshotThe Kern County Engineering, Surveying & Permit Services Department is a service organization that facilitates land development for Kern County.

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Planning and Community Development

PCD Website ScreenshotThe Planning and Community Development Department provides consolidated land use planning and community development programs for the County's residents. We are proud to fulfill a mission that fosters economic vitality, supports resource conservation, and serves the diverse needs of Kern County residents, including those with lower incomes, by improving their economic, environmental, and social quality of life.

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Roads Website ScreenshotThe Kern County Roads Department designs, constructs, and maintains the county road facilities within Kern County; we also issue transportation and encroachment permits for county roadways; respond to road-related complaints from the public; and administer the county's rural public transit system.

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